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We began developing our racing simulation software over four years ago, and are constantly upgrading it. At AeroNumerics, our software continually evolves to make the most of the latest technologies.  By keeping the number of computers to a minimum, it is possible to double the computing and graphics performance of our simulation systems about every 18 months, with minimal expense. Because the actual simulator and the electronics inside it remain state of the art for 5-10 years, those parts of the system are designed specifically to accept new computing and graphics technologies.

We sell complete simulation systems:

Stock Car Simulation System                           Open-wheel Simulation System

simulation screen shot

Software features:

  • unparalleled car physics model
  • massive interactivity
  • photo realistic graphics
  • aerodynamic forces
  • drafting
  • tire wear
  • tire temperature effects
  • engine wear
  • external car damage
  • pit stops
  • full race flag conditions
  • pace car parade lap
  • custom car setups
  • TV camera/spotter stations
  • smoke
  • skids
  • wall scrapes
  • 3d sound
  • spotter voices
  • artificial intelligence drivers
  • complete simulator interface
  • motion base control
  • race position tracking
  • race timing displays
  • facility race control
  • post race print outs
  • customizable advertising

simulation screen shot

race timing display

post race analysis printout

Note: Some of the options on this page are not included in the base racing simulation package, and must be purchased separately.

Visit our Racing Simulators website at:

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