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Simulation has been in use in the aviation industry for over half a century. In more recent times, simulation and simulators have become crucial elements in the design of complex modern aircraft. In the past, simulators were built as trainers to behave like the aircraft they portrayed. Today, simulators are built long before the actual aircraft exists. Cost and human safety have long been the motivating factors for simulation technology, and while simulation is cost effective for many applications, the prices are often prohibitive for smaller projects. A commercial transport aircraft simulator realistic enough to be used for flight training can be purchased and operated for less than a tenth of the cost of the aircraft it simulates. However, starting at $12 million per simulator, and costing $600 per hour to operate, this level of sophistication is not an option for most applications. AeroNumerics produces simulators that can be had for considerably less than $100,000 and cost less than $5 per hour to operate.  It is this price range that makes simulation based training and entertainment a viable business proposition.

At AeroNumerics we specialize in developing useful and affordable simulation systems. We are committed to bringing simulation technologies to new applications and genres with maximum simulation impact at minimum price.

AeroNumerics employees have been working together in the field of simulation for nearly fifteen years. Company President, Scott Cubbage, began simulation work at Lockheed and worked on projects such as the F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter. Cubbage allied himself with two Lockheed employees who shared his vision of providing aerospace style simulation to the general public. The world's first public jet air combat flight simulation facility - Fightertown - opened its doors in May of 1992. Recognizing a need for carefully targeted hardware and software technology from his experience at Fightertown, Cubbage started AeroNumerics with the intent of developing these new technologies. For the last 7-plus years AeroNumerics has worked to build an arsenal of computer software, hardware, and electronics for simulation that provide core operational capability with minimal extraneous features and their attendant costs.

AeroNumerics has provided software, custom programming, hardware components, and integration services for a variety of flight simulation applications across the U.S.  Currently, our complete car racing simulation systems are in use domestically as well as in Canada and Germany.
All of our simulations start from first principles - our products faithfully reproduce behaviors of the modeled vehicle that are important to the customer.  The simulation exhibits complex behavior not because each behavior is specifically modeled, but because the simulation has been holistically modeled to such a degree that the desired characteristics are derived naturally.


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