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AeroNumerics was founded in 1993 with the objective of producing top quality electronic hardware and computer software for the expanding scientific simulation and location based entertainment markets. It was recognized as fact that nearly any company with the appropriate technical staff could produce these components, but that there were two important facts that were consistently overlooked when most companies undertook the task.

First, each component of a system will work more effectively if designed as part of an integrated whole, rather than just fulfilling a set of preliminary requirements. AeroNumerics set out to design and produce every part necessary to fulfill a core set of requirements for any simulation system. Further, we made sure that interoperability and efficiency of each component was optimal within established design constraints.

Second, despite our background in military and aerospace simulation, we realized that especially for location based entertainment, and eventually for scientific simulation, the cost of the core system must fall within rather restrictive budget limits. Our customer seldom has carte blanche freedom in specifying equipment and software for projects, and it is our job to provide quality hardware and software components at a reasonable price.

Our products include a real-time simulation software executive core, racing car simulation software, helicopter and fixed wing flight simulation software, real-time networking hardware and software, real-world-to-computer interface hardware and software, pilot- and driver-to-vehicle interface hardware, and various software and hardware support components. AeroNumerics continues to focus its resources on component development and has minimal administrative overhead, choosing instead to affiliate itself with capable companies with expertise in marketing and operations. If you have a special technical requirement that we do not yet provide, or if you or your company has a skill or product that would compliment those of AeroNumerics we welcome your input.

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