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Electronics - Our AeroNumerics Data Acquisition System (ADAS) is the cornerstone of every simulation system that we build.  This system was designed from the ground up to fulfill a broad range of simulation requirements within a fairly stringent budget.  Known as the "ADAS Box", this system is capable of capturing analog voltage data (analog-to-digital conversion) and discrete switch closure (digital input).  It also provides digital output for controlling low amperage lights and relays, as well as pulse width modulated (PWM) signal output for controlling electric motors, solenoids, electro-magnets, and hydraulic proportional valves.  Support peripherals provide signal filtering and amplification as well as providing a convenient mechanical and electrical interface to the simulation device.

Mechanical Systems - The AeroNumerics staff has designed and/or produced many different mechanical systems in support of various flight and racecar simulation projects.  We have designed many different types of hydraulic and electro-mechanical motion systems.  Among these are an electro-mechanical 2 degree-of-freedom (DOF) system for an aircraft simulation, a 3 DOF aircraft system, a 3 DOF system for automobiles, a 4 DOF system for automobiles, and a very compact 6 DOF system for automobiles and aircraft.  We are able to design just the motion platform, or can specify an entire turnkey electro-mechanical or hydraulic system.  Our staff has also designed or modified aircraft control stick and throttle assemblies, force-feedback steering, pedals, shifters, and a chassis shaker system for automobile simulation.

Custom Design - Our staff is capable of working from customers' formal requirements or designing a simulation-capable version of some known device.  An example of this is our "Digital Dash" system, which simulates the buttons and data read-out in the center of the steering in high performance open-wheel racecars.  Further, we have designed a communications system, which provides communication on up to 16 of 100 separate channels at any instant.  This system can be used in many civilian and military training applications where the added workload/experience of communications is desired.

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