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AeroNumerics Data Acquisition System

The ADAS system allows virtually any computer to become a data acquisition and control system. 

The ADAS System is in use at location based entertainment centers around the United States. Tailored for the simulation and entertainment industry, we've reduced costs by omitting features often found in industrial data acquisition and control systems which are not required and often go unused. The ADAS system and it's components were designed with simplicity, reliability, and upgrade ability in mind. The ADAS system also has many applications outside of simulation. Our ADAS systems modular design makes it ideal for scientific applications, and hobbyists alike. Modular technology allows for: mixing and matching of components, upgrade capability, and simplified repair. The ADAS comes ready to run, including: metal enclosure which holds up to 5 acquisition boards, integral power supply, manual, and the Calibration Technology program which lets you tap all the features of the ADAS right out of the box. Depending on your application, you'll need to purchase one or several ADAS modules to put your ADAS to work.

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