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ADAS Modules, which plug into the ADAS box, allow you to build a data acquisition and control system which meets your specifications.  Mixing and matching of cards allows for both flexibility and reliablility.  Five free slots allow you to configure your ADAS system to meet both present and future needs.  ADAS Accessories plug directly into the ADAS Modules via standard network cables (category 5, RJ-45), to expand their capability.

Digital In Module:

  • switches
  • logic circuits

Analog to Digital Module:

  • steering wheels
  • potentiometers
  • pedals
  • flight sticks
  • motion platforms

Intercom Module:

  • radio simulation
  • spotter / driver
  • tower / aircraft
  • ATIS simulation
  • automated public address systems

Digital Out Module:

  • relays
  • lights
  • numerical displays
  • motors (on/off), fans
  • logic circuits

Pulse Width Module:

  • variable motor speed
  • dimming lights
  • gauges
  • motion platforms

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